Fine Examples Of When A Picture Says More Than Just A Thousand Words

Fine Examples Of When A Picture Says More Than Just A Thousand Words
Finalists Of The World’s Largest Photography Competition From Eyeem Community
Creative community EyeEm announced the top 100 images from its annual photography competition, which received over 590,000 submissions from more than 88,000 photographers in over 150 countries.
The jury features representatives from National Geographic, VII Photo Agency, Refinery29, BBC and more. The jury judged 5 categories: The Architect, The Portraitist, The Photojournalist, The Street Photographer and The Great Outdoors.
Here are some of my favorites.
Credits go to:

Marc Leppin - The Great Outdoors
Masaki Sato - The Great Outdoors
Pau Buscató - The Street Photographer
Yicheng Xiao - The Great Outdoors
Xiao Han - The Great Outdoors
Guiga Pirá - The Great Outdoors
Anthony Castro - The Great Outdoors
Kimberly Dela Cruz - The Photojournalist
Md. Enaul Kabir - The Photojournalist
Justin Edward Okoye - The Great Outdoors
Denise Kwong - The Photojournalist
Uta Lauterbach - The Portraitist
Michael Shauer - The Great Outdoors
Michael Moeller - The Great Outdoors
Francisco Javier Hoyos Carcedo - The Photojournalist
Stefano Rulli - The Great Outdoors
Tim Gaweco - The Photojournalist
Angkul - The Street Photographer
Jeremy Cheung - The Architect
Maximilian Schulz - The Portraitist
Michael Färber - The Great Outdoors
Linus Guardian Escandor Ii - The Photojournalist
Iván Ferrero - The Great Outdoors
Jonathan Kalifat - The Photojournalist
Niko S. - The Photojournalist
Maciej Dakowicz- The Street Photographer
Francis Malapris - The Portraitist
Adelou Osibodu - The Portraitist
Ngoc Van Anh Nguyen - The Photojournalist
Mubariz Khan - The Street Photographer
Lennin Ruiz - The Street Photographer
Fabian Palencia - The Street Photographer
Scott Firestone - The Architect
Michael Lynch - The Great Outdoors
Simon - The Great Outdoors
Keanoja - The Photojournalist
Zane Jēkabsone - The Great Outdoors
Nils Leithold - The Great Outdoors
John Jerome E. Ganzon - The Photojournalist
Ritesh Shukla - The Photojournalist
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